OneSoft Solutions Inc.

OneSoft Solutions Inc.

The future of software is in the cloud …

The future of software is in the cloud …

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Innovative. Disruptive. Cutting Edge.

OneSoft Solutions Inc. is a provider of software solutions for select markets, all of which are developed using Microsoft’s new Cloud technologies. Our mission is to acquire, manage and build next-generation software businesses that will provide specialized, mission-critical cloud software solutions to address customer needs. We have a proven track record of innovation, and are now implementing strategies which we believe will provide our customers with revolutionary software and benefits, and our shareholders with exceptional returns.

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The Cloud: Cost Effective. Unlimited Access

The cloud provides a platform where innovation is limitless, secure and cutting edge and information can be accessed from anywhere at any time with an internet connection.

Innovate & Lead

Rapidly deploy new projects and go live quickly, stay at the vanguard of innovation in your sector.

Unlimited Power & Storage

Automatically cope with any demand. Capability to store big data is unlimited.

Real-time Access

Information can be accessed real-time, from anywhere, with any Internet capable device.

Secure & Automated

Security and data backup is optimized and automated.

Flexible & Cost Effective

The high costs and issues associated with managing your own IT infrastructure are history.

The Cloud: Cost Effective. Unlimited Access

Let’s join forces

As one of the early adopters of Microsoft Cloud platform and services, we have the expertise and technology to transform legacy software to deliver next-generation capabilities.

We are seeking suitable acquisition, joint venture or partnership opportunities. Please contact us if you have legacy software that needs to be revolutionized.

The bottom line is … we can improve the bottom line.