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Early Adopters

We were an early adopter and began investing in Microsoft Cloud vision and SaaS business strategies in 2011.

Modern Cloud Solution

We sold our legacy business units in 2014 and retained our cloud technology and teams to focus fully on born in the cloud solutions and a SaaS only business model.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting edge data science technology based on the Microsoft Cloud platform and services, including Azure Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Power BI Embedded, and Office 365.

Microsoft Accelerator

9 finalists, including our OneBridge subsidiary, were selected from 721 world-wide applicants located in 50 countries to participate in the first Microsoft Accelerator program on Data Science and Machine Learning.

Premium Partnership

Technical and sales collaboration with Microsoft continues post-Accelerator, leveraging insights and investment from the elite technology giant.

Secure & Reliable

All applications and customer data are fully secure within the Microsoft global Azure platform which has more security certifications than any other cloud provider.

OneBridge Solutions Inc.

We believe that our revolutionary software applications will transform management of assets in the pipeline industry. OneBridge utilizes proprietary Machine Learning algorithms and a single geo-spatial database to conduct predictive analytics on structured and unstructured big data on a highly scalable level that cannot be practically replicated through manual efforts, to provide pipeline companies with the functionality they require to safely operate, manage and maintain their pipeline infrastructure as smart assets. The OneBridge Cognitive Integrity Management solution provides Data Normalization, Cognitive Learning, Business Intelligence and Visualization in a SaaS solution that leverages Data Science, Azure Machine Learning, HoloLens, Microsoft Power BI Embedded and other components of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Services. Our objective is to save lives and protect the environment by assisting pipeline operators in preventing pipeline leaks and failures.

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OneBridge Solutions Inc.

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