OneBridge Solutions Inc.

OneBridge Solutions Inc. assists operators to predict pipeline failures, save lives and protect the environment.

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OneBridge Solutions Inc.

Our Vision

We work with pipeline operators to achieve their objective – zero pipeline failures.

Modern Cloud Solution

Lead the adoption of a modern cloud solution and assist integrity management teams to expand their capabilities.

Elevate Confidence Levels

Elevate excavation confidence levels for integrity management engineers to predicatively analyze and pin point the exact locations of anomaly growth needing repair.

Identify Interactive Threats

Use the insights from pattern detection and interactive threats rather than relying on single data points.

Identify and Drill Down

Bubble Up and Drill Down Gain visibility into your entire pipeline system – bubble up anomalies on pipeline mappings, then drill down into the finest level of detail.

Interactive Visualizations

Present invaluable findings through real-time reporting and interactive visualizations in minutes to your executive team.

Secure & Reliable

Microsoft Azure is the most highly certified of all cloud service providers. Leveraging the power of Microsoft will help ensure that your pipeline integrity data is fully secure.

Cognitive Integrity Management

Watch how Cognitive Integrity Management can help transform your company in less than 2 minutes! 

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